Human voice video dubbing

Emotion and authenticity for multilingual videos with real actors' voices

Video dubbing services with professional-quality human voices

Instead of simply translating the dialogue, dubbing is done in such a way as to be both faithful to the original content and easy to listen to.
Our translations are meticulous and take into account our clients’ translation preferences.

Our voice actors are native professionals. Experienced and talented, they are capable of bringing the characters in your videos to life. Each voice is carefully selected with you to match the original character and convey all the nuances and emotions of the performance.

Technical editors are also experts in their field, ensuring that your dubbing is perfectly synchronised with the images.

Complementary multilingual voiceover service. This option is ideal for corporate videos, documentaries, advertisements and many other types of content where the message is recreated for each market, and clear, professional narration is essential.

Human voice video dubbing

Voice selection, source video transcription, script translation and adaptation, resynchronisation and timecode validation, studio recording by actors, pronunciation adjustment, editing.


Depending on the complexity of the video and the actors involved. Contact us for a custom quote


Advertising and promotional films
E-learning courses
Audio guides

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