Internet site translation:

Multilingual site translation services

Your company’s website is the most important tool to gain a foothold in international markets. It is the first touchpoint between you and potential customers.

It is therefore essential that it is well translated and optimised for each language.

It is vital to seek assistance when creating and localising your website into several languages, in order to access the expertise you need to successfully complete this long project.

A website that reflects your brand

Connecting your website to a machine translation tool may seem simple, fast and inexpensive, but it cannot replace the approach and professional results achieved with translators.

Multilingual website translation adds value to your brand, your products and services on your markets and with your customers and audiences.

Your content must be equally effective in all languages by offering the same level of experience to users in all countries.

As a language service provider with more than 25 years’ experience translating websites, EuropaTrad covers every linguistic need for websites.

Whatever your CMS (Content Management System): WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc., we have experienced linguists and translators and the technological solutions necessary to create effective multilingual websites.

We manage all aspects, from installation to configuration of plug-ins for these content management systems.
We support and advise you in selecting the data for translation (including slugs, metadata and tags).

We devise a translation plan that takes all your needs into account, including technology and language-related dimensions.

Websites are central to every marketing campaign, so we work together to develop your website translation strategy. With a strategic approach, we help you to rank your content and select the most relevant content to translate for your target markets. Website translation quality can be adjusted based on the level of importance of your content (e.g., based on the traffic generated by your webpages).

Contribute to solid organic referencing through SEO, generate traffic and increase your conversion rate.

By taking account of your goals and your multilingual SEO strategies, we assist you with an SEO translation approach.

The whole translation process then aims to optimise SEO in every language and on every target market to boost your sales activity on each of these markets.

In a highly competitive environment, maintaining regular communication is essential to attract as many visitors as possible. If you publish regularly on social networks or on your website with publications that are calibrated and scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis, we offer translation subscriptions adapted to your editorial calendar.
You keep your budget under control with a regular monthly cost and you keep pace with your publications, which are available in all languages.

An effective and upgradeable website

Working closely with your web developers or web agency, we put in place connectors or API’s to simplify and facilitate the translation process.

Our CAT software is connected to your CMS for fast implementation, easy integration, and continuous updating of translated content.

Modifying the content to translate via the CMS facilitates its future updating and saves you precious time.

Once the content is translated, your site is tested by our translators to make sure that your site is perfectly readable by your visitors in the language of their choice.

With this final stage, your site is quickly operational and your investment is secured.

Prices adapted for updates

Our solutions support you for the long run! Websites are dynamic by nature: once you have finalised the initial version, there will be frequent updates, relating to a varying proportion of the content.

And, if your website is multilingual, managing translations of modified or added content can rapidly turn into a headache.

At EuropaTrad, we simplify the translation of website updates: we reuse content that has already been translated, with the help of connectors and translation memories created with the initial translation of the website and fed with input from subsequent translations.

What does this mean? Your translations will be facilitated and fast, as they will be focused only on parts that have changed since the last update. This also reduces costs, because we won’t need to translate from scratch each time an update is made.

Why choose us?

  1. Adaptation of the quality level according to the importance of pages.
  2. Time savings: the website is directly operational and the browsing experience is seamless.
  3. Control over your costs and lead times.
  4. SEO approach: with integration of your objectives and strategies for multilingual natural referencing.
  5. Facilitated tracking of website updates.
  6. Reliable translations: the same message and equally effective content across all languages, for the same experience in all countries.

Our solutions for

Would you like to identify the best translation solution for every type of content you produce?

Verified machine

Translate large quantities, with good readability, thanks to human post-editing.

Premium translation

Translate accurately and guarantee excellent readability and local adaptation.

Editorial translation

Adapt your writing to the context and emotional intent.

Let’s work together!

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and ready to be translated?

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Our translation pricing system is based on the number of words contained in the source documents or the duration in minutes of your audio and video media.
We reduce the cost of translations with our CAT software that uses translation memories and helps to detect any repetitions in files.
This allows us to offer you better turnaround times and make sure the work is consistent.
For our regular clients, we use translation memories as a reference for every new order.
Prices also depend on the chosen translation solution, adapted to the content and use context.

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All confidential documents entrusted to us are protected by professional secrecy as defined in article 226-13 of the French Penal Code, as well as by the commitments and terms and conditions stipulated in EuropaTrad’s T&C.
To back up these commitments, we sign specific confidentiality agreements with our clients on request.

Employing native translators, specialised in the field of translation, is essential to ensure the terminological accuracy and consistency of translations of digital or video content.

EuropaTrad translators who work on web content have web skills and training (e.g., SEO); translators who work on video content are also adapters who make sure that the subtitling, voiceover or dubbing is adapted to the images.

For content produced regularly to meet a specific editorial calendar, we offer 6- or 12-month subscriptions with a fixed monthly price.
Feel free to contact us.

EuropaTrad offers several video localisation solutions, which are adapted to content use and publication contexts and requirements.
We provide advice and listen to your needs to help you confidently choose the best solution.
Ask us for a free audit.

We translate more than 60 languages.
We cover all European languages as well as the main languages of international communication.
Most of the project we handle for our clients are multilingual translations: from and into several languages at once, and including not only multilingual documents, but also multilingual websites or videos.

For web content, we set up connectors and solutions allowing translation of content using the market’s main CMS (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) or e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.).

For video content, we handle the most popular formats: MP4, WebM, AVI, etc.

Are your documents to translate similar or repetitive?
By entrusting your translations to EuropaTrad, you ensure the best possible reuse of text and content already translated via use of professionally-kept translation memories.

This technique and the multiple connectors we offer mean translations can be reused easily in all systems and content managers where they are needed.
This guarantees the consistency and rigorous management of content updates.
For our clients who have translation memories, we can reuse them easily.