4 EuropaTrad translation solutions

Adapted to content, adapted to situations

The quality of translated content relies on the excellence of the translators, but also on proper use, when appropriate, of machine translation tools.
In the translation process, the combination of human and technological approaches varies from situation to situation. We offer 4 levels of solutions, allowing us to respond to different content with a speed/cost/accuracy balance adapted to different uses.
Whatever the circumstances, we offer advice to choose the right solution, combining technology and human skill.

To adapt to your content and provide you with optimal and sustainable translation conditions, these solutions can be combined to meet your project needs.

Custom machine
translation platform

Unlimited, automated translation for large volumes.

Verified machine

Translate large quantities, with good readability, thanks to human post-editing.

Premium translation

Translate accurately and guarantee excellent readability and local adaptation.

Editorial translation

Adapt your writing to the context and emotional intent.

Services according to the level of precision provided by solutions

Machine translation allows for speed and large volumes, and human translation for accuracy and adaptation to provide a highly readable end product.
The services provided, which build the ‘quality’ of the translation, and therefore its relative readability, which affects the end user, vary and add up according to the solution implemented.