Interpreting service in Lyon:

In-person and remote interpreters

EuropaTrad offers interpreting services all across France and abroad, which are adapted to all event formats and allow optimal understanding of discussions for all participants.

We organise interpreting for your meetings and events, providing qualified teams of interpreters and setting up the technical solutions they need to do their job, adapted to the context of every event.

We are based in Lyon but can also provide interpreters in Paris and all across France and abroad according to project needs.

Qualified interpreters to properly understand and communicate with your contacts

We put together teams of professional interpreters who work either in-person or remotely.

They are selected based on the type of interpreting, the context of the meeting, training course or event, and of course the topics addressed and languages expected by participants.

In situations where accurate terminology is essential, or when each word needs to be chosen with tact, it is important to be able to rely on an interpreter with extensive experience in the relevant field, as well as in the type of interaction for the assignment: international or European works councils, general meetings, conventions, business negotiations, merger/acquisitions, technical training sessions, etc.

We have the skills you need to make sure everything goes smoothly!

As such, in addition to complete mastery of the languages involved, the interpreter must be competent in the required technical field and be able to manage the assignment’s cultural and social aspects. We take into account all of these factors when choosing interpreters for the assignments entrusted to us.

Flawless project management

When organising an event, whether as an events professional or not, it’s essential that all the service providers deliver the scheduled service at the right time and to the right standard. Everything must happen at the scheduled time, but we need to be adaptable, too.

EuropaTrad’s ISO 9001 certified interpreting service guarantees you seamless project support and management to meet all your needs, so that the interpreting goes smoothly and you can focus on the core of your event.

If you are planning to use the services of one or more interpreters for an event, we recommend that you contact us several weeks, or even months, in advance. These professionals are in high demand and have very busy work schedules.

The types of interpreting and interpreting services provided by EuropaTrad:

Simultaneous interpreting:

For simultaneous interpreting assignments, the interpreter is equipped with a microphone and translates the words of a speaker, almost instantaneously, for listeners wearing headphones.

The interpreter sometimes works in a soundproof booth.

Due to the high level of concentration required for this work, it is often necessary to have two interpreters taking turns at regular intervals. Specialised audio systems for interpreting allow simultaneous interpreting in several languages at the same time.

When exchanges involve various speakers, the presence of several interpreters is preferable in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Remote simultaneous interpreting:

Technological innovations with video conferencing systems and health restrictions have affected business trips and gatherings and have led to the increased use of high-performance remote simultaneous interpreting solutions.

We can organise online meetings and conferences with the ability to interpret into 10 different languages at the same time. Each of the participants can speak and perfectly understand in their own language.

Interpreters work remotely or are grouped together in dedicated interpreting studios to provide a high-quality service, in particular for meetings or conferences that require 3 or 4 languages to be interpreted simultaneously.

Consecutive interpreting:

With consecutive interpreting, the speaker speaks for several minutes at a time and then waits for the interpreter to translate into the target language.

This type of interpreting is generally used for as conferences or speeches or small events with a limited number of participants such as visits to factories, etc.

Liaison interpreting :

Suitable for your negotiations, working lunches, or training courses with a very small group, the interpreter translates the words of two people who don’t speak the same language.

Adapted technical services

Working with our technical partners, we deliver a turnkey service, adapted to your context:

  • Translation booths and broadcast and listening systems for meetings of more than 30 people, conferences, etc.
  • Hybrid systems allowing interpreting for both in-person and remote participants.
  • Remote simultaneous interpreting in 1 to 10 languages simultaneously, on your own collaborative video conferencing platforms or dedicated multilingual video conference platforms.
  • Lightweight kit systems for small meetings (up to 30 people and 3 languages).
    When required by specific circumstances (visit to a noisy factory, large auditorium, etc.), a microphone can be provided for the interpreter, and headphones for listeners, in order to ensure optimal listening conditions and proper understanding.

Of course, if you organise all the technical services on your own, our work will be limited to organising and setting up the teams of interpreters for your event.

In-person and remote interpreting service

With the increasingly international aspect to communication, companies and organisations are more frequently in contact with customers, partners and employees of different nationalities.

The recent increase in international meetings using video conferences and collaborative platforms such as MS Teams or Zoom require proper understanding and communication with your counterparts in their language.

EuropaTrad interpreting service provider is on hand to provide support.

We offer remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) in 1 to 10 languages simultaneously, on your own collaborative video conferencing platforms such as Teams or Zoom or dedicated multilingual video conference platforms.

Let’s work together!

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The price billed for an EuropaTrad interpreter depends on the type of interpreting provided (simultaneous, consecutive, liaison), the length of the assignment, and related technical and travel costs.
Assignments are billed from €700 / interpreter based on a 7-hour day.
All simultaneous interpreting assignments require the presence of 2 interpreters at the same time.

EuropaTrad’s interpreters can work all across France and in neighbouring countries.
We add travel costs from Paris or Lyon depending on the location of the assignment.

All confidential information entrusted to us is protected by professional secrecy as defined in article 226-13 of the French Penal Code, as well as by the commitments and terms and conditions stipulated in EuropaTrad’s T&C.
To back up these commitments, we sign specific confidentiality agreements with our clients on request.
Anyone working directly for or sub-contracted by EuropaTrad is bound by the same confidentiality requirements.

Thanks to our technical partners, EuropaTrad interpreters can work on the main video conferencing platforms (Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.) or on platforms optimised for multilingual interpreting.
Ask us for advice to choose the best solution based on not only the number of languages, but also security and confidentiality requirements.