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Content translated and optimised for SEO

Do you have a multilingual website? This is crucial to support your marketing and international sales. However, simply translating a website into several languages, without SEO optimisation, won’t be enough to generate traffic.

The challenge is to appear in the first 3 search results on Google or Bing. Effective localisation, based on SEO translation, maximises your online visibility in all your target markets by responding precisely to local search intent and search engine requirements.

Thanks to a strategic approach, propel your website into the top Google results and attract a high-quality international audience.

Our approach to multilingual SEO

For the past 25 years, EuropaTrad, a language service provider for SEO, has been offering its expertise to ensure your websites are effective in all your target markets.

We offer SEO services with tailor-made support and advice, providing you with the solutions best suited to your needs and constraints. Together we can build your international SEO translation strategy in line with your website’s overall SEO strategy and your marketing and sales targets.

Based on your carefully selected keywords, we translate them from the source language into the target language. To achieve this, we analyse the most relevant keywords based on search volumes and select 2 or 3 keyword translations. You can then validate this selection according to your criteria and targets.

Lastly, once the keywords have been validated, they are integrated in translation memories and applied throughout the translation of the website. This stage includes the integration of the selected keywords in your URLs in each target language, in order to optimise the indexing of your website on Google, the attribution of hreflang tags and the translation of your metadata (including slugs, alt attributes, and images, etc.), which are often overlooked.

Using a more comprehensive approach, we can research and analyse the most relevant keywords by selecting additional keywords that are specific to target markets.

This method is also used to build a winning SEA (Search Engine Advertising) strategy. We then combine an advertising translation approach with the accuracy of keyword optimisation.

Website translation, combined with SEO translation, ensures an effective and efficient online presence in your target markets in both the short term, and the long term!

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