Translation for the fashion and haute couture sector

In the colourful world of fashion, translation is a powerful tool to communicate your creative vision and brand identity around the world. It brings your collections to life, conveying your vision and showcasing your creations.

Whether you’re an haute couture house, a renowned designer or an accessories manufacturer, adapt your communication to the culture of a demanding international clientele, and make your collections accessible worldwide.

EuropaTrad, a fashion translation service provider, always finds the right words, in every language.

Enhance your international fashion content

Successful translation of fashion industry content goes beyond the literal translation of words. It must convey the trends, talent, zeitgeist and creative identity that characterise each collection.

EuropaTrad’s fashion translators understand the importance of preserving the creative intent behind each piece, ensuring that key messages are translated accurately and elegantly.

Haute couture houses require translations that showcase their luxury products and garments. We make sure that the descriptions reflect the attention to detail, the exceptional craftsmanship and the story behind each piece. With a strong literary spirit, our translations for haute couture and the luxury sector resonate with the spirit of the luxury labels and fashion houses.

The designers and design studios are also looking for a translation that will convey their passion for presenting their creations to international markets. Whether for fashion shows, catalogues or websites, EuropaTrad’s translators ensure that messages are culturally appropriate while retaining the spirit of your brand.

With regard to ready-to-wear and fast fashion and accessories manufacturers, where collections are constantly renewed and ranges extended, translation plays a crucial role in communicating marketing messages. Labels, product descriptions, sales media and POS material all need to be translated quickly and smoothly to meet the demands of the changing seasons.
We can provide this through regular collaboration and our multilingual translation capabilities. With us, you can cover all your markets, in up to 60 languages at the same time!

Weavers, tanners and garment makers also face specific challenges when it comes to translation. The technical terminology used in these fields requires in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry and manufacturing processes.
Our technical translators, with their knowledge of the fashion industry, can accurately translate product descriptions, technical specifications and manufacturing instructions, ensuring that the information is clear and consistent.

Cultural adaptation, respecting the messages you want to convey, as soon as each new collection is released: place your trust in us to communicate your ideas and creations in all your markets.

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EuropaTrad can handle most file formats containing formatted or unformatted text.
Common file formats (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), but also publishing formats (InDesign, Publisher, AutoCAD, etc.) and data exchange formats (JSON, xlf, xml, etc.).

Our translation pricing system is based on the number of words contained in the source documents.
We reduce the cost of translations with our CAT software that uses translation memories and helps to detect any repetitions in files.
This allows us to offer you better turnaround times and make sure the work is consistent.
For our regular clients, we use translation memories as a reference for every new order.
Prices also depend on the chosen translation solution, adapted to the content and use context.

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All confidential documents entrusted to us are protected by professional secrecy as defined in article 226-13 of the French Penal Code, as well as by the commitments and terms and conditions stipulated in EuropaTrad’s T&C.
To back up these commitments, we sign specific confidentiality agreements with our clients on request.

Several steps help to reduce translation costs:

– Preparing your documents so they’re fully editable – translating PDF documents is more expensive because they need to be reformatted first.

– Entrusting the translation to a language service provider that manages translation memories for you and allows you to easily reuse previous translations.

– Selecting translation solutions and their level of accuracy according to the use of documents and content.

We translate more than 60 languages.

We cover all European languages as well as the main languages of international communication.
Most of the project we handle for our clients are multilingual translations: from and into several languages at once, and including not only multilingual documents, but also multilingual websites or videos.

Translation speed depends directly on the complexity of the source text, and the translation solution used.

Depending on the quality required and the length of the documents to translate, the turnaround time could be anything from 24h (e.g., for a 2- to 4-page document) to several days.
Whatever the format of the content and the level of quality expected, our quotes systematically mention the time needed for the translation.

Translation turnaround times are given in the presentation of our solutions.
Then there’s the time it takes for any page layout adjustments or validation of the insertion of translations into a website or software interface.

EuropaTrad offers several translation solutions, which adapt to content use and publication contexts and requirements.
We provide advice and listen to your needs to help you confidently choose the best solution.
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Are your documents to translate similar or repetitive?
By entrusting your translations to EuropaTrad, you ensure the best possible reuse of text and content already translated via use of professionally-kept translation memories.

This technique and the multiple connectors we offer mean translations can be reused easily in all systems and content managers where they are needed.
This guarantees the consistency and rigorous management of content updates.
For our clients who have translation memories, we can reuse them easily.