Subtitling and transcription

Give your videos an international dimension within tight budgets and deadlines

Foreign-language video subtitling is an essential tool for companies seeking to extend the reach of their content to an international audience, and to promote it using a multilingual approach.

While many platforms offer ‘unchecked’ automatic subtitling, our approach adds value to your content with experienced translators/adapters and specialist technicians who ensure impeccable subtitle translation, adaptation and editing.

The main aim is to ensure that texts read smoothly on screen, and that messages are perfectly understood and received through accurate translations.

On social media, subtitled videos attract the attention of users in their news feed, even without the sound activated.

With reasonable production times and costs, subtitling is the right video translation solution for tight budgets, but also for highly time-sensitive social media content.

Implementation of transcription and subtitling

Transcription of source video, translation and adaptation, resynchronisation and validation of timecodes, screen placement/embedding or overlaying, readability testing and validation.


From €20 per minute of video, depending on the complexity of the video and the service level required


Large volumes

Promotional videos
Videos on social media
Training and tutorials
Presentations and conferences

Our other video localisation solutions

Would you like to identify the best translation solution for your videos?

Synthetic voice dubbing

An affordable and realistic solution for multilingual video content.

Human voice dubbing

Emotion and authenticity for multilingual videos with real actors’ voices.