Editorial translation

Adapt your writing to the context and emotional intent

Bilingual copywriters adapt content in the target language to ensure, over and above the translation, an appropriate emotional response from the audience, in line with the intentions of the original (source) text’s author.
Completely different words may be used in the target language content with the aim of having as much impact as the original content, while conveying the same meaning.
Turnaround times are longer than with the other translation services, to allow for the creative editorial work involved in transcreation.

Service level

Premium translation services + cultural and creative adaptation.

Indicative translation speed

Up to 1000 words per day, per translator/copywriter.


From € 0.25 per word (depending on the language).


Highly important content

Landing pages,


Sales presentations,

Print and digital advertising,



Our other translation solutions

Would you like to identify the best translation solution for every type of content you produce?

Custom machine translation platform

Unlimited, automated translation for large volumes

Verified machine translation

Translate large quantities, with good readability, thanks to human post-editing.

Premium translation

Translate accurately and guarantee excellent readability and local adaptation.