Audiovisual translation services:

Adaptation of foreign-language videos for businesses

Videos have become the main content online, but also for corporate training and internal communications.

And subtitling and dubbing aren’t just for films or series: with the rapid growth in the volume of video content on the internet, it’s crucial to make videos understandable in all languages.

For businesses, the challenge for communication, marketing or sales teams is to use and reuse all the videos produced. This is where audiovisual translation comes into play to internationalise these videos.

Add value to video content

Businesses are increasingly investing in creating promotional videos, tutorials, advertisements, and informative content. But if these videos are available in only one language, they are limited to a restricted audience. 

By translating these videos into various languages, businesses can reach a global audience and effectively add value to their content.

The main goal is then to make sure that the targeted audience understands the message you want to convey in their native language. And the more accurate your translations are, the more easily your audience will understand them and recognise your brand.

Increasing accessibility and reaching the widest possible audience

One of the main advantages of audiovisual translation is the possibility of reaching a wide range of audiences with the same content

By translating a video into several languages, a business can reach people worldwide, whatever their preferred language. This allows the business to maximise its impact and reach a wider audience.

Media translation is also a powerful way to improve search engine optimisation, which will better rank multilingual video content.

Grabbing attention

In a world where it’s increasingly hard to grab the attention of clients and consumers, audiovisual translation offers a unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

By translating a video into different languages, a business can attract the attention of new audiences and stand out from the competition.

Plus, by using innovative subtitling and dubbing techniques such as synthetic voice dubbing, businesses can captivate their audience and make their content even more attractive.

Make the most of new subtitling and dubbing techniques

If you want to get your videos translated, you have access to a set of services that now allow you to either be increasingly accurate, or increasingly fast, or both, depending on your needs and the required level of quality.

Audiovisual translation has developed considerably over the years, offering businesses new opportunities.

Due to technological progress, the cost of audiovisual translation has fallen considerably, opening up new uses.
For example, voiceover dubbing using synthetic voices allows the translation of videos without needing professional actors. This offers businesses the possibility of translating their videos quickly and efficiently.

Plus subtitling techniques have also developed, offering options such as multilingual subtitling, subtitling adapted to people who are hard of hearing, etc. These techniques allow businesses to adapt to their audience’s specific needs and offer an optimal viewing experience.

We offer you the possibility of choosing between different solutions, which will be adapted to each of your uses:

  • Subtitling, which allows you to keep the original voice but add text synced to the image.
  • Synthetic voice dubbing, which uses innovative technology to create an artificial voice to translate the words or voiceover for a video.
  • Human voice dubbing, which uses professional actors to perform dialogue and convey the right emotion, intonation and accent to make them much more impactful and enjoyable for audiences.

Whatever you choose, we guarantee you a faithful, natural and attractive end product. And above all we’ll be here to advise you on the best solution!

EuropaTrad’s approach for professional localisation of video content

At EuropaTrad, a Lyon-based subtitling and audiovisual language service provider, we consider the accuracy of translations and their faithfulness to the original content to be essential.

We work with professional translators/adapters specialised in the specifics of subtitling and dubbing. Alongside our technical partners specialised in audio and video editing, they endeavour to perfectly adapt the translations and sync them with the image and audio of the source language.

We ensure the consistency of our translations with past projects completed for our clients, respecting their terminological preferences, glossaries, and translations carried out in other formats.

Faced with questions that can be highly technical, our team of experienced project managers is here to help you make the right choice.

Whether you need to translate a product presentation video, webinars, training courses, an e-learning voiceover, motion design or any other type of content, we guarantee you a high-quality, fast result that meets your budget.

This means perfectly matching the meaning, style and tone of your message.

Plus, we offer custom services, which can slot neatly into your audiovisual production line: audio and video transcription, translation and cueing of .srt files, which you can then edit on your own. Feel free to make an appointment to talk about it!

Audiovisual translation is an essential tool for businesses looking to increase their influence and reach an international audience.

By translating your content into different languages, you can add value to your content, reach a wider audience, grab attention, and make the most of new subtitling and dubbing techniques.

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Our solutionsfor audiovisual translation

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Give your videos an international dimension within tight budgets and deadlines.

Synthetic voice dubbing

An affordable and realistic solution for multilingual video content.

Human voice dubbing

Emotion and authenticity for multilingual videos with real actors’ voices.

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Our translation pricing system is based on the number of words contained in the source documents or the duration in minutes of your audio and video media.
We reduce the cost of translations with our CAT software that uses translation memories and helps to detect any repetitions in files.
This allows us to offer you better turnaround times and make sure the work is consistent.
For our regular clients, we use translation memories as a reference for every new order.
Prices also depend on the chosen translation solution, adapted to the content and use context.

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All confidential documents entrusted to us are protected by professional secrecy as defined in article 226-13 of the French Penal Code, as well as by the commitments and terms and conditions stipulated in EuropaTrad’s T&C.
To back up these commitments, we sign specific confidentiality agreements with our clients on request.

Employing native translators, specialised in the field of translation, is essential to ensure the terminological accuracy and consistency of translations of digital or video content.

EuropaTrad translators who work on web content have web skills and training (e.g., SEO); translators who work on video content are also adapters who make sure that the subtitling, voiceover or dubbing is adapted to the images.

For content produced regularly to meet a specific editorial calendar, we offer 6- or 12-month subscriptions with a fixed monthly price.
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EuropaTrad offers several video localisation solutions, which are adapted to content use and publication contexts and requirements.
We provide advice and listen to your needs to help you confidently choose the best solution.
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We translate more than 60 languages.
We cover all European languages as well as the main languages of international communication.
Most of the project we handle for our clients are multilingual translations: from and into several languages at once, and including not only multilingual documents, but also multilingual websites or videos.

For web content, we set up connectors and solutions allowing translation of content using the market’s main CMS (WordPress, Drupal, etc.) or e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.).

For video content, we handle the most popular formats: MP4, WebM, AVI, etc.

Are your documents to translate similar or repetitive?
By entrusting your translations to EuropaTrad, you ensure the best possible reuse of text and content already translated via use of professionally-kept translation memories.

This technique and the multiple connectors we offer mean translations can be reused easily in all systems and content managers where they are needed.
This guarantees the consistency and rigorous management of content updates.
For our clients who have translation memories, we can reuse them easily.