Translation for the cosmetics industry:

Promoting brands in all markets

Creativity and accuracy are the watchwords when it comes to translating for the cosmetics industry. 

Make-up, face and body care, fragrances, etc. It sparks the curiosity and heightens the olfactory senses of your international clientele thanks to a culturally appropriate marketing approachBy embodying the essence of your brand and your products, it effectively appeals to your international clientele.

In addition to creativity, translation in the cosmetics industry must comply with regulatory requirements for the labelling of cosmetic products.

EuropaTrad, with its experience in translating for major cosmetics brands, is the ideal partner to meet your specific needs.

Creativity to translate brand messages and images

In keeping with fashion, translation for cosmetics products requires a creative and expressive approach, capable of conveying the emotions and personality of brands while adapting them to the local culture.

EuropaTrad, a cosmetics translation service provider, understands the importance of this adaptation and has a team of experienced translators on hand to capture and adapt the intricacies of the messages you want to convey. Their creativity enables them to find idiomatic and high-impact expressions, giving a unique and compelling touch to their translations.

EuropaTrad has sector-specific expertise in the cosmetics and luxury goods industries. For face and body care, beauty products, make-up, pharmacy or perfume products, our knowledge of trends enables us to provide suitable translations, in line with market expectations. Whether translating product descriptions, advertising campaigns or marketing materials, EuropaTrad is able to convey brands’ messages effectively, strengthening their market position.

Precision and accuracy for consumer safety

Beauty product manufacturers and retailers are committed to and liable for consumer health and safety. Translations of use instructions, ingredients, labels and precautions for use must be accurate and flawless to avoid any risk of inappropriate or dangerous use. EuropaTrad acknowledges the importance of this liability and guarantees high-quality, verified and proofread translations.

We know how important confidentiality is: you need to protect your trade secrets and proprietary formulas.We guarantee absolute confidentiality of the information provided, by signing non-disclosure agreements with all our clients.

Confidentiality, creativity and compliance of translations: place your trust in us to ensure your products stand out in all your markets.

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EuropaTrad can handle most file formats containing formatted or unformatted text.
Common file formats (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint), but also publishing formats (InDesign, Publisher, AutoCAD, etc.) and data exchange formats (JSON, xlf, xml, etc.).

Our translation pricing system is based on the number of words contained in the source documents.
We reduce the cost of translations with our CAT software that uses translation memories and helps to detect any repetitions in files.
This allows us to offer you better turnaround times and make sure the work is consistent.
For our regular clients, we use translation memories as a reference for every new order.
Prices also depend on the chosen translation solution, adapted to the content and use context.

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All confidential documents entrusted to us are protected by professional secrecy as defined in article 226-13 of the French Penal Code, as well as by the commitments and terms and conditions stipulated in EuropaTrad’s T&C.
To back up these commitments, we sign specific confidentiality agreements with our clients on request.

Several steps help to reduce translation costs:

– Preparing your documents so they’re fully editable – translating PDF documents is more expensive because they need to be reformatted first.

– Entrusting the translation to a language service provider that manages translation memories for you and allows you to easily reuse previous translations.

– Selecting translation solutions and their level of accuracy according to the use of documents and content.

We translate more than 60 languages.

We cover all European languages as well as the main languages of international communication.
Most of the project we handle for our clients are multilingual translations: from and into several languages at once, and including not only multilingual documents, but also multilingual websites or videos.

Translation speed depends directly on the complexity of the source text, and the translation solution used.

Depending on the quality required and the length of the documents to translate, the turnaround time could be anything from 24h (e.g., for a 2- to 4-page document) to several days.
Whatever the format of the content and the level of quality expected, our quotes systematically mention the time needed for the translation.

Translation turnaround times are given in the presentation of our solutions.
Then there’s the time it takes for any page layout adjustments or validation of the insertion of translations into a website or software interface.

EuropaTrad offers several translation solutions, which adapt to content use and publication contexts and requirements.
We provide advice and listen to your needs to help you confidently choose the best solution.
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Are your documents to translate similar or repetitive?
By entrusting your translations to EuropaTrad, you ensure the best possible reuse of text and content already translated via use of professionally-kept translation memories.

This technique and the multiple connectors we offer mean translations can be reused easily in all systems and content managers where they are needed.
This guarantees the consistency and rigorous management of content updates.
For our clients who have translation memories, we can reuse them easily.