Premium translation

Translate accurately and guarantee excellent readability and local adaptation

Native translators specialised in the relevant field are supported by CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools with integrated machine translation engines.

The work includes detailed revision of the initial translation by a proofreader and reorganisation of sentences to produce a highly idiomatic result.

If the work is divided between several translators, a linguist ensures overall consistency.

Service level

Verified machine translation services + in-depth review of mistranslations, level of formality, genders, consistency of tone, reorganisation of sentences, stylistic improvements.

Indicative translation speed

2000 words (7 to 10 pages) per day, per translator.


From € 0.12 per word (depending on the language).


Content with a strategic goal

Product data sheets,

User-created content,

Secondary web pages,

Landing pages, homepages,

Blogs and news,


Online support,

User interfaces,


Regulatory documents,


Sales presentations

Our other translation solutions

Would you like to identify the best translation solution for every type of content you produce?

Custom machine translation platform

Unlimited, automated translation for large volumes

Verified machine translation

Translate large quantities, with good readability, thanks to human post-editing.

Editorial translation

Adapt your writing to the context and emotional intent.