Synthetic voice dubbing

An affordable and realistic solution for multilingual video content

With the rapid advances in AI- and Text to Speech-based computer-generated voice solutions, synthetic voice dubbing is becoming an increasingly attractive option for companies wishing to give a multilingual voice to their video content.

Synthetic voice dubbing offers a wide selection of voices, enabling you to select the one best suited to a specific brand or message.
Whether you want a male, female, young or mature voice, there are a variety of voices available to meet your specific needs.
This diversity of voices also enables you to create a more personalised experience for your audience, by adapting the voice to suit the content or situation.

Synthetic voice dubbing is based on translations that are carefully adapted to the video content by the translator-adapters.

EuropaTrad’s technicians and technical partners work in the studio to generate the voices and match them to the video.

The advantage over human voice dubbing is the speed with which it can be produced and broadcast (no sound recording sessions).
The technique also enables corrections and adjustments if the source video is modified or adapted.

Synthetic voice dubbing is particularly well suited to voiceover, where the original (source) voice is overlaid by the dubbing voice, but still audible in the background.


Voice selection, source video transcription, translation and adaptation, resynchronisation and timecode validation, computer voice generation, pronunciation adjustment, editing.


From €100 per minute of video, depending on the complexity of the video and translation, and the service level required.


E-learning courses
Targeted promotional messages
Social media content
Internal communications

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