ZH, JP, HI, KO, etc. the main Asian languages at your disposal

Armenian (HY)

Azerbaijani (AZ)

Bengali (BN)

Burmese (MY)

Cambodian (KM)

Cantonese (YUE)

Simplified Chinese (ZH)

Traditional Chinese (ZH)

Korean (KO)

Farsi (FA)

Filipino (PH)

Gujarati (GU)

Hindi (HI)

Indonesian (ID)

Japanese (JA)

Kazakh (KK)

Kyrgyz (KS)

Mandarin (CMN)

Urdu (UR)

Uzbek (UZ)

Punjabi (PA)

Persian (FA)

Tagalog (TL)

Tamil (TA)

Telugu (TE)

Thai (TH)

Turkish (TR)

Turkmen (TM)

Vietnamese (VI)

Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent, and this diversity is also reflected in its languages. From Mandarin to Hindi, not forgetting Turkish, the Asian continent is home to a wide range of languages with diverse origins and characteristics. What’s special about these languages is that they use writing systems that are often very different from the Latin alphabet in terms of format and reading direction. When translating, this requires special adjustments to the presentation to ensure that the content remains clear and legible.

The most widely-spoken languages for international business and trade are Mandarin (1.2 billion native speakers), Hindi (422 million), Japanese (130 million) and Korean (78 million). Hindi is the official language of India, but other languages such as Bengali and Tamil have hundreds of millions of speakers.

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