SV, DA, NO, LT, LV, FI, ET, etc. access Northern European languages.

Danish (DA)

Estonian (ET)

Finnish (FI)

Icelandic (IS)

Latvian (LV)

Lithuanian (LT)

Norwegian (NO)

Swedish (SV)

With over 20 million native speakers, Scandinavian languages are mainly spoken in the Nordic countries of Europe, such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. Their evolution from Proto-Germanic to Old Norse gave rise to various regional languages such as Swedish (10 million native speakers), Danish (5.5 million), Norwegian (5.5 million) and Icelandic (330,000). Other Northern European languages include Finnish (5 million) and Estonian (1 million), as well as the Baltic languages, such as Lithuanian (2.31 million) and Latvian (1.4 million).

The fact that these languages are only used locally means that linguistic resources are scarce and highly sought-after when it comes to targeting these markets.

With considerable experience in translating European languages, EuropaTrad can translate your content into Nordic languages, with native translators selected according to their area of expertise.

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