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The Romance languages evolved from Vulgar Latin, a variant of Latin spoken by the working classes of the Roman Empire.
Over the centuries, Latin blended with local languages to give rise to the distinct group of languages we know today as the Romance languages. Among the most influential and most widely-spoken Romance languages are Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian.

With over 900 million native speakers worldwide, these languages have regional variations. Spanish (480 million), one of the world’s most widely spoken languages, is spoken in Spain and many Latin American countries.

French (over 80 million native speakers) is the official language of France, but is also spoken in parts of Canada, Africa and other French-speaking countries. 

Italian (64.8 million) is the national language of Italy, and is also spoken in Switzerland and San Marino.

Portuguese (216 million) is the official language of Portugal and Brazil, as well as Mozambique and Angola, while Romanian (24 million) is spoken mainly in Romania and Moldova.

Today, they are widely used in the world of business and international trade. Looking at the amount of content available, Romance languages also have a strong online presence. Spanish is the most widely used Romance language on the Internet (5.2%), followed by French (4.2%), Portuguese (2.7%) and Italian (2.1%).

Thanks to its network of over 1,000 translators, EuropaTrad is on hand to provide translations into Romance languages, for both source and target languages, with native translators selected according to their area of expertise.

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